About Westcott Productions

Westcott productions started as a small point and shoot video company and now has expanded to also included editing of videos and the live streaming of events. The live streaming was thought up originally for the people who want to have distant relatives and friends watch their event, but could not make it to the venue. Now Westcott Productions can not only film events, but can also edit them, as well as live streaming, either publicly or privately, for clients so that all guests can watch, regardless of location or mobility.

Event Recording

Recording events are charged hourly with multiple camera angles. After the recording, there are multiple options for editing, including, none, light, and full editing. The level of editing is how much effort the editor puts into balancing things such as lighting, sounds and various other aspects of video quality. Each level of editing is priced in the prices section of the website.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is similar to that of the recording of the event, because it is also charged hourly. Public events are open to anyone on the internet, while Private events require a log-in (which is provided to the client who requests the private event) and can only be accessed through the log-in. Public and Private livestream events are charged differently.

VHS to Digital

VHS to Digital is charged per tape to be switch over to digital and is priced out within the prices section of the website. The VHS tapes are captured through a computer and then converted to a digital format and then delivered to the customer via flash drive.